This time of year, some people tend to get down on themselves. Who to invite to a party, which ones to attend, still Christmas shopping to finish? No parking at the Mall, and , in a couple of days, there’ll be none at the supermarket either. And, guess what, we haven’t even considered the Do-Nothing Congress, Obamacare or the Middle East. So, here’s something to brighten you up, at least a little bit.

The linked NY Times article, about Zach Hodskins, a High School Senior, in Suburban Atlanta, shows the spirit of a teenager, born without a left hand or forearm arm, has been offered a guaranteed roster spot when the university of Florida (SEC) designated him a “preferred walk-on” on its Varsity Basketball Team, And, if you would like a taste of what Zach can do, just look at this one-minute blip, from YouTube, which has already had 4 Million Views,

To me, this is a classic instance of the old saying “When Life gives you lemons, make Lemonade”. Early on in his various athletic endeavors, his parents told him that he didn’t always have to be First: that there might be things that he just couldn’t do. But, Zach always sought to find a way, such as the cross-over dribble (bouncing the ball between the legs to move it to the other side of the body) to compensate for his only having one hand. His strong will always let him find a way. WAY TO GO, ZACH! Good job, Gators!


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