By now, you surely must be aware of the expanded FOX “News” faux-skirmish on Bill O’Reilly’s perceived “The War on Christmas” Campaign. He does this every year. Megyn Kelly has now jumped into the fray and proclaimed that both Santa Clause and “Jesus” (assumedly Christ) are White. Well…it could (also) be one of those many guys, in South Florida, who go by the name of (phonetically now) “HEY-zeus”.

Now, who in their “Right” Mind would even venture into telling Children the race of Santa, a mythical character. Among the Late Night “Comedians”, namely Conan O’Brien, have further suggested that she compounded the nonsense by suggesting that the Elves are Mexican, and that Santa is outsourcing the jobs of American Elves.

She added to her focus by citing a Caucasian Jesus who had reportedly lived roughly 2,100 years ago, in Judea. At that time, the Americas was very sparsely populated by the descendants of Asians who came across the Land-Bridge from Russia, through (current day) Alaska and gradually migrated, over tens of thousands of years down into South America. They are now considered “Indigenous People” or “Native Americans”.

Europe was very sparsely populated a couple of millennia ago; so, there was no need for people to migrate into strange lands. England was not even a Roman Colony at the time: America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand would not come into being until almost 2,000 years after the assumed Time of Jesus.

Megyn, where did a White Jesus come from? Remember that Mattel wouldn’t be available to produce a “White Jesus”, just like it did a “Black Barbie” for quite some time. So, Megyn, in essence, I think you are full of S**T!


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