Some might wonder if Oklahoma is trying to keep-up with it’s neighboring state–Texas, as the Most-Whacko State. Well, now it has definitely raised the stakes. Just last year, Oklahoma permitted the erection of a replica of The Ten Commandments in the front of it’s Statehouse, in Tulsa. But, apparently, it knew, at the time, that it was probably opening itself to a real can of worms–in that very Evangelical Christian State. All in the name of Religious Freedom!

The linked article, from the ABC News web site, explains the situation, whereby a Satanic Temple has now requested to erect a Satanic Statue quite near The Tablets, The Satanic Statue, will also have an interactive-display for Children. How educational!

Well, not to be outdone, it looks like a Hindu Group has also requested to place a Statue of Lord Hanume, the “Monkey God”, in front of the Capitol, as noted in this linked article, The more the merrier, huh?

The whole idea of the Separation of Church-and-State has been something that the Religious “Right” has fought against for ages. Religion is OK to them; but, only if it is Their Religion. So, I hope that both the Satanic and Hindu Groups get their Place in the Sun–in front of the Statehouse in Tulsa. And, let’s hope that even More Diversity follows.



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