As we all know, very strange things happen in Texas. A black Man can spend 25 years in Prison for the possession of just one Marijuana joint, while a White Man can get off much more easily for actually killing people. I realize that it may be a way of obstructing the Voting Rights of Minorities, who tend to vote Democratic. But, this story takes the proverbial cake and scarfs it down, all in one fell swoop. (Really, what is a “fell”?)

The linked article from the Ft. Worth Channel 8 TV web site reports the sentence which was given (dare I saw awarded), by the local Juvenile Court Judge to a 16 year-old Boy, who killed four people, when driving drunk, while joyriding with Friends. Oh, and his Blood-Alcohol Level was three times the Legal Limit as he was driving approximately 70 mph, in a 40 mph zone.

The Judge could have sentenced the young Man to as much as 20 years in Prison; however, he seemed to be swayed by the Defense’s pointing-out that his Client was suffering from (now, I’m not joking here) “Affluenza”, Apparently, his parents were quite wealthy and never seemed to punish him for anything, including the time that Police let him go when they found him (then 15), passed-out with a naked 14 year-old Girl, in his truck.

Apparently, the Judge took pity on the Poor Young Man and his “Malady”, and sentenced him to ten years…(are you ready for this?) Probation. Seriously! So, a Black Man gets 25 years for just one joint; but a way, way legally drunk White Teen gets slapped on the wrist for killing four people, and causing the paralysis of another. I wonder if other Defense Attorneys are trying to get a Change of Venue to stand before this Judge?

NOTE: Be sure to get your Kids the Affluenza vaccine as soon as possible!


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