Every year at this time, Bill O’Reilly proclaims His Nonsense about Christmas. “Happy Holidays”, at least to this Evangelist, is just not allowed. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Confucianists, Sikhs, Bahaists, Atheists or (I guess) those of us who prefer to just live by The Golden Rule, “Need Not Apply”. At least, in O’Reilly’s “mind”, he IS The Authority on Christmas–OR The Holiday Season. Kind of like those guys who guarded the Temple of Doom, for centuries, in the Indiana Jones Movies. Way to go, Billy!

Personally, I believe that the Year-End Holiday Season should be a time for everyone to relax, enjoy Friends and Family, and kind of re-energize for the year ahead. Shouldn’t it be a time for being At Peace with EVERYONE? But, it appears that Monsignor (merely a form of Monsieur) O’Reilly, and his Friends at FOX “News”, think otherwise.

The Andy Borowitz Report, a column from the New Yorker, provides a great tongue-in-cheek commentary about Megyn Kelly’s response to Children’s Letters, somewhat like the “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” Editorial from the New York Sun in 1897, It has often been deemed the “Best Editorial Ever”.

First, I must admit that I really had no idea as to who Megyn Kelly is; but, in today’s computerized world, you can also find the number of larvae in a beetle’s egg. So, I realized that she works for FOX. (At first, I typed the more familiar “FAX”, by mistake.) As for O’Reilly, it seems like The Holidays are sacred to Ms. Kelly; but, only as long as she controls the agenda. So, here is the link to the Andy Borowitz column from the New Yorker,

NOTE: FOX “News”, will Pope Francis still be a Marxist for The Holidays?


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