I am not a religious person; but, I do believe in The Golden Rule (…due unto others). I am tired of the religious zealots, however, who invoke Religion; but, mostly only when it suits their purposes. Well, it’s time that someone called them out.

Now, there’s no reason why the Roman Catholic Church needs to be front and center on any issue–religious, moral or otherwise. But, it is one of the largest religious organizations and has a physical bureaucracy, which most others do not have.

Pope Francis I, the first Non-European Pope in history, has been like a breath of fresh air. Francis has caught the attention, and admiration, of many around-the-World–and not just Catholics. Perhaps tantamount are his efforts to steer the Church away from butting-in on such issues as Same-Sex Relationships and Abortion, and directing it toward improving the life of the poor and downtrodden.

Francis, a Franciscan, has always lived the life of austerity (living-up to his Vow of Poverty), even when he was a Bishop, back home in Argentina–taking the bus, cooking his own meals and embracing working relationships with other religions. No wonder Time Magazine declared him it’s “Person of the Year”. Even as Pope, he shuns the perks which that office provides–living in a small hotel and sharing meals with others.

Well, just this week, Rush Limbaugh has branded Pope Francis a Marxist, and FOX “News” has followed suit. As usual, neither has done their homework–or engaged their (assumed) brains. I guess, as always, they believe that it is “Soundbites uber Alles”. But, how do these “talking heads” combine Atheistic Socialism with Christian Catholicism?

The linked article, by Kathleen Parker, from the Washington Post, provides a good perspective on this situation, http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/kathleen-parker-the-conscience-of-a-pope/2013/12/06/f39f9d66-5ea7-11e3-95c2-13623eb2b0e1_print.html. Once again, Limbaugh seems to be trying to upset group after group, perhaps trying to eliminate any potential fan base.

Perhaps what has especially irked the “Right”, was the Pope’s suggesting that Trickle-Down Economics just doesn’t work. Basically, the trickle-down “theory” is really a nonsensical effort to brandish ideas to coincide with their own ideology. Since March of 2009, just after President Barack Obama took office, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has more than doubled. Corporate Income has skyrocketed, the Wealthy have certainly benefitted; but, unfortunately nothing has trickled down to people in he lower income group.

Unemployment has gradually come down; however, it is still too low (7.0%). The Government, which is supposed to provide a Safety Net, is now cutting Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps and arguing over Health Care. What kind of trickle-down is this? In essence, the “Right” seems to want the “least of us” to remain so. Personally, the only trickle down that I have seen that actually works is that between Dogs and Fireplugs.



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    The attached is an extremely good, by rather lengthy, article about pope Francis, from the New Yorker, http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/12/23/131223fa_fact_carroll?utm_source=tny&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weeklyemail&mbid=nl_Weekly%20(21). James Carroll, the author had studied for the Priesthood for five years, before deciding to become a writer. His access to people in various capacities, on several continents, and knowledge of Ecclesiastical Law and Vatican internal politics provide some significant insight. The fact that the Nuns on the Bus and Stephen Colbert are included, I believe, speaks for the wide-range in his approach to the topic.

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