Obviously, many Republicans are suspicious of the Nuclear Deal with Iran, claiming that it was made as a diversion against Obamacare. Some Democrats are as well. But, as one pundit said: the Republicans have been against anything that President Barack Obama does, even Golf. Also, the Israeli Lobby cautions against it. But, let’s dig a little deeper.

Earlier this year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U. N. General Assembly, holding a chart with a bomb–showing 20% enriched Uranium. As “Bibi” suggested, Iran could have easily enriched what is currently on hand to have enough to fire a nuclear bomb in the near future. Common sense suggests that Israel would be the likely target. So, their concern is certainly warranted.

The linked interview, by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, with Joseph Cirincione, President of Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation, and a member of Secretary of State John Kerry’s International Security Advisory Board, describes the situation quite concisely,

This deal is a first step which, under the agreement, will be updated in six months. But, first, it does stop Iran from increasing the enrichment process, which Mr. Netanyahu cautioned against them continuing. Also, International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors would have daily access to Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Obviously, this deal is not as perfect as we would eventually want; but, it sure is better than what we currently have. Remember, it’s a first step! It removes the opportunity for Iran to build a nuclear bomb. Additionally, it defuses the potential that Israel might attack Iran–perhaps causing a Nuclear War. Think about that!

This deal, which will be upgraded early next year will reduce some of the economic sanctions that the International Community currently has imposed against Iran. So, isn’t it better to offer Iran the carrot to stop the progress in it’s nuclear program–and with International Inspectors on site? I would prefer that than the current situation of poker players, each sitting around the table with a loaded pistol, wondering what the others will do next. Again, Good Deal, or Bad?


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