How many times have we seen, both the Print and main Broadcast, Media focus on the sensational aspects of a story, and totally miss the point at hand?  In essence, missing the forest for the trees. Well, here we go again, as noted in this column from 3D Printing Industry Magazine, http://3dprintingindustry.com/2013/10/25/manchester-police-raid-sparks-whole-thing/.

In Manchester, England, there was an Organized Crime Bust which netted Criminals, Drugs, Paraphernalia, Guns, Cash and various other items.  Unfortunately, the media focus just happened to be on one 3-D Printer and two plastic (partial) gun parts, which were assumedly made on the printer.  Media throughout the U. K. was more focused on the
3-D printer, rather than the fact that the Police carried out a very successful Crime Sting.

Before we allow the Media to blow the importance (or perhaps lack thereof) of the 3-D printer totally out of proportion, it’s important to keep two points in mind: its presence was an insignificant happenstance, and weapons can be made out of a multitude of common household items.

In the 1993 Movie “In the Line of Fire”, Clint Eastwood played a Secret Service Agent, chasing the would-be Presidential Assassin, Mitch Leavy, played by John Malkovich.  The Villain’s pistol, which had gone through Airport Security, was carved out of wood. So, let’s keep things in perspective.  Should the presence of all wood products now become suspect, as well?  I don’t think so!

The linked column points-out how Britain’s SkyNews Cable Network totally blew the real story out of proportion as it opened its TV breaking news segment with: “Police Find First 3D Gun-Printing Factory”.  Keep in mind that SkyNews is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., which was the parent of now-defunct (and scandal-ridden)
U. K.’s “News of the World” tabloid and FOX “News”, in the U. S..  Rupert’s slogan is rumored to be: “Story First, Facts to Follow”.

NOTE: 3-D Printing is a new technology.  It has proved invaluable at creating one-of-a-kind, as well as run-of-the-mill components for many industries, such as: health care; industrials; toys; shoes; etc.  NASA has even contracted with a Texas company to replicate and transmit food to Astronauts in Space.


  1. #1 by chestercat1 on November 2, 2013 - 6:02 PM

    How about we still worry about how people get into airports with REAL guns and shoot up TSA inspectors?

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