I have already written Blog Posts about the trend for fast food franchises to supplement their usual fare with “Healthy Options”. The only problem, however, is that Americans seem addicted to the burgers, fries, frozen fish (deep-fried, of course), chicken nuggets, super-sized cokes, shakes, etc.  The so-called restaurants are, to a certain extent, quietly withdrawing some of the Healthy Options from their menus–since they do not sell.  This trend applies both with generally healthy eaters, as well as the rest of us.

So, the official Calorie Counter,, from the McDonald’s web site, indicates that a 10-piece “chicken” (I’ll get to the quotes) nuggets, a large fries and a large Coke, will provide all the “nutrition” of 1,270 Calories and 1,370 milligrams of Sodium.  Both take a considerable bite out of your recommended daily allotment of each.

Alternatively, if you prefer going to KFC, their Nutrition Guide,, points to a slightly different menu; but, once again, it tells you why no one consults the required Nutrition Facts guides on the respective web sites.  A 10-piece chicken bites, large Pepsi and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (no fries), provides total calories of 880 and it includes 1,725 milligrams of Sodium.  Either way, there will be many more delicious ingredients, at whatever store, if you ask for mustard, catsup, honey mustard sauce, etc.

Now, you might wonder why I have focused on Chicken Nuggets, rather than the more popular Burgers & Fries.  Well, that’s because of the linked article from the HuffPost,  Now, you also know why I put Chicken (Nuggets) in quotation marks up above.  Perhaps, somewhere around 50% is other by-products–or merely just things that you wouldn’t have dreamed that you might be eating.

Lastly, I can remember, back in the early days of nutritious cuisine, when you could actually watch the server make the items they were serving.  In fact, back in those days, before they tamed the Dinosaurs (as my Daughter thinks), “Shakes” actually had Milk in them.  Nowadays, read the menus: they just say “Shakes”. How inviting; but, what’s in them?


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