NO…, not the NSA!  I’m addressing the way the Obama Defense/Foreign Affairs Establishment appears to be taking a more realistic approach in fighting Counter-Terrorism overseas.  Now, obviously, I doubt that Secretaries Kerry and Hagel are reading my Blog Posts.

You may have heard or read that there were two US Commando raids in Northern Africa–coincidentally–both were yesterday (Saturday).  Navy SEALs deployed out of the Indian Ocean in a raid on a town, in Somalia, where militants are known to gather. Also, US Forces, backed by CIA and FBI agents, targeted a militant fugitive in Tripoli, Libya.

I have written numerous Blog Posts previously, suggesting that the two Wars that the prior Administration led the Country into were unnecessary–one was totally based on fabricated lies, and the other was totally over-kill.  We had no reason whatsoever to be in Iraq.  And, President George W. Bush sent an Army into Afghanistan to get one Man–Osama bin Laden–when a Team of Special Operations Troops would have been more effective.  Also, both in Somalia and Tripoli, the Plan was: think small; get in and, then, get out.

By risking the Lives of our Military–as well as local Civilians–the vast expense to our National Debt, and additionally our National Good Name in the Region, we might be taking ourselves away from our most important Foreign and Diplomatic Requirements, which are evolving all the time.  I will address that in my next Blog Post.


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