October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Now, Guys, if you forgot or just didn’t have a clue, the pink shoes and other accessories on NFL Players and Refs might just tip you off.  But, Breast Cancer doesn’t wait ‘til October to effect the Women in your life–your Wife or Partner, Daughter, Mother, Sister, etc.–it can be diagnosed at any time.  And, if that ever happens, that’ll be your time to step-up, and be the Man that you think you are.  It’s give-back time for all the love they have given you over the years.

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer can be a very traumatic event for a Woman.  Besides being a devastating health issue, many Women look at their breasts as being one of their most important features.  That’s where The Real Man can stand-up and be counted.  Where you attracted to a couple of boobs, or the person (behind them)?

A few days ago, I noticed this letter to Dear Abby, in The Tennesseean,  One guy flunked; but the other truly stepped-up and showed his true masculinity.  What kind of Man are you?

When I met my Wife in 1970, she was 23; however, I realized that she wouldn’t be 23 forever.  Likewise, I know that I am a bit heavier, slower and grayer than I was then too.  But, we each (I believe; but, I didn’t clear this with The Boss) married the person–not the body.

Being understanding, not only about Women with breast Cancer, but anyone who either has that, or other infirmities–or disabilities is most important. Lately, I have noticed some TV commercials that focus on the message, rather than their product. Consider this Guinness commercial that depicts wheelchair basketball, guinness wheelchair commercial.



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