In poll after poll that I have seen, including a majority of gun enthusiasts, most Americans, by far, have been in favor of increased Gun Safety Legislation.  Perhaps one of the most important safeguards is to provide thorough background checks (which are currently not required for informal gun show purchases).  Well, shouldn’t we trust the NRA?  (HA!)

The National Rifle Association only includes, perhaps, five percent of gun enthusiasts (hunters, target shooters, collectors, etc.) in America.  Some of them might even call it a sham; because, many people believe that it is more of a lobbyist organization for the Gun and Ammunition Industry.

Surely, you are aware of the mass shootings at: Newtown; Columbine; Aurora, etc. (I doubt that I need to note the States) and…today at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard.  So, how long will it take the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, as it hunkers down, before making a statement.  But, it will probably just be more of the “Same ole, Same ole”!

But, if the NRA preaches that background checks do nothing, why should its members?  Consider the following: On February 2, 2013, very highly-decorated former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his neighbor, Chad Littlefield, were killed on a Texas gun range by a former Marine (a “friend”) who turned his gun on them,   And also, six Deer Hunters, in Northern Wisconsin were shot and killed in a dispute over a deer blind,  Now, perhaps the original suspect was not found guilty, but someone did shoot them.

When you send your Children to school (Newtown/Columbine), you obviously expect them to be safe.  When people attend a movie (Aurora) or go to listen to their Congressman (Phoenix), people likewise expect to be safe…especially in America.  So, wouldn’t you expect Gun Enthusiasts to feel the same way.  And their Families, when they are in the woods, around the pond or on the gun range.

Perhaps that’s why some 95% of gun enthusiasts don’t belong to the NRA.  Well, why contribute to an organization that doesn’t appear to have your best interests in mind?  So, if the highly-funded NRA doesn’t appear to be getting much of their funding from individual gun enthusiasts, where does it come from?  Well, don’t look for Gun and Ammo makers on its web site.  Once again, if your Congressional Representative doesn’t listen to you–turn them out!


  1. #1 by cheekos on September 17, 2013 - 1:07 AM

    Reportedly, the NRA has approximately Four Million Members. So, at $35.00 per year, that amounts to $140 Million. Now, when you consider all of the “campaign” contributions it makes–at both the Federal; and State level–plus its normal Operating Budget (Salaries, Office Rent, etc.), there really must be some Tooth Fairies out there somewhere.

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