Well, maybe not really!.  Most Americans–even most gun owners–wanted stronger Gun Laws; however, in the NRA’s eyes, it just wasn’t in the cards.  So, the “Right” voted it down.  Immigration Reform, Same-Sex Marriage, Rational Congressional Districts, Abortion Options and Contraceptives?  Most Americans were open to the idea, even if they did exactly not fit-in with their personal viewpoint?  Again, the GOP voted these down as well, either to appease lobbyists or the Tea Party.

When it came to Syria, they initially wanted to strike first, and then ask questions later.  At the time, President Barack Obama was still gathering facts, studying the options and, perhaps more importantly, trying to determine which Rebel Group(s) to aid.  Once the President was ready to fire a “shot across the bow” (a Naval term for STOP, Don’t go any further), however, they had changed direction…again.

Remember that the GOP has always been the First to Fight!  But, unfortunately, generally with someone else’s kids…not theirs.  So, most–but not all–took cover from their respective Constituencies when the people back home said no more Wars.  The real question is: did these Members, of both the House and Senate, allow their Home Base to be scared of the so-called surgical strikes based on the wrong information?

President Obama has basically ended the War in Iraq and is in the process of drawing-down troops in Afghanistan–and has promised to have them all back home by the end of next year.  He committed the Americans merely to air and missile attacks in Libya, along with Britain and France, without placing any combat troops on the ground.  Does that sound like a War-Monger?

If you have read any of my Blog in the past, you know that I am not for Unnecessary Wars (such as the last two),  That’s why I have suggested, time and again, that we should bring back the Military Draft: potentially send everyone’s kids, not just the poor and the patriotic.  Additionally, President Obama’s two top National Security Advisors, Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel both have combat experience.  People who have “been there” will certainly think twice before sending anyone’s kids to War.

It appears to me that many in Congress are reluctant to part from political ideology and are afraid to confront the facts, and state what their actual position is on Syria.  Is that the type of Leadership their constituents back home deserve?



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