It is alleged that both Edward Snowden, former NSA Intelligence Analyst, and PFC Bradley Manning had prior contact with people from Wikileaks before they released classified documents and/or information to Wikileaks.  Now, as both claim to be whistleblowers, just being in their 20s, what convinced them that they are in a position to decide what should be made public, and what shouldn’t?  Did they receive outside encouragement?

The situation with Mr. Snowden, who grew-up in the shadows of the NSA Headquarters (Ft. Meade, Maryland) has had a lot more press coverage.  He was employed by Booz Allen (a blue chip defense contractor) to work at the NSA facility, in Oahu, Hawaii, lived with a pole dancer, fled to Hong Kong and, from there, moved on to Moscow.  As he hid in the seclusion of the Moscow airport, he brought back memories of the children’s “Where’s Waldo?” book to many.

When Snowden first leaked information, he did so to Barton Gellman, of the Washington Post, and Glenn Greenwald (an American), of The Guardian, a U.K. newspaper.  He also had contact with American film director Laura Poitras.  But, Greenwald is the one who has been the most visible throughout this whole debacle.

Greenwald has been on virtually ALL the political talk shows, by remote, as I don’t think that he wants to set foot in the U.S.  He was even trying to pick a fight with “Meet the Press” Host, David Gregory, who questioned whether he had gotten too involved in the story.  Even Lon Snowden, Edward’s Father, had been blocked from speaking directly with his Son, by Wikileaks, I believe.  Now, he’s flying to Russia to meet with his Son.

Today, The Guardian, among other newspapers, reports that Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Michael Miranda (a Brazilian) was taken into temporary custody during a stop-over at London’s Heathrow Airport, while en route from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro.  While he was in Berlin, Mr. Miranda met with the producer, Laura Poitras.  Obviously, Mr. Greenwald has been outraged at the temporary detention of Mr. Miranda.

Under Section 7 of Britain’s Terrorism Act, individuals may be questioned for up to nine hours, without being charged.  David Miranda was released just before the allotted time had elapsed.  Certain of Mr. Miranda’s electronic devices had been taken into custody for further examination.

Frankly, with all of the media attention that Glenn Greenwald has been receiving, I can only wonder if Mr. Edward Snowden has been lost in the whole event.  Remember that Edward Snowden only worked, as a contractor, at the NSA facility in Hawaii for three months.  Had he already had contact with Wikileaks? Mr. Greenwald? Ms. Poitras?

Is Mr. Greenwald like the author who enters one of his stories?  Does he still have the necessary distance to separate himself from the story–and not to upstage the primary characters?  I really do wonder.



  1. #1 by chestercat1 on August 19, 2013 - 11:11 AM

    Greenwald has been far too eager to make himself the center of the story, rather than Snowden. While I think that the release of the information concerning the NSA collection of material has generated healthy debate, Greenwald has, as he has done in the past, is focused on shaming the U.S. government. I wonder, in all of this, whether or not that was Mr. Snowden’s original intent. The story seems to have shifted focus. I’d love to hear more from Mr. Gellman, whose coverage was much less personal.

  2. #2 by cheekos on August 20, 2013 - 2:44 AM

    Perhaps Barton Gelman is more than a one-story journalist.

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