The U.S. and Philippines have had an interesting common history since Spain ceded the Island Nation to America, following the Spanish-American War.  The relationship between the two countries has not always played out as one among Equals.  As the two Nations have evolved, however, I believe that Comradeship has shone through.

In previous posts, I have noted that the U.S. Military Policy would shift more toward the Asia-Pacific, and that the Navy would take-on greater prominence.  Back in the early 1990s, the U.S. and Philippines seemed to have parted ways as it did not seem conducive for America to maintain its largest Air and Naval Bases outside the U.S–Clark AFB and Subic Bay Naval Base.

Fast-forwarding to the Present, and President Barack Obama’s “pivot” to Asia, the loss of those two bases some twenty years ago was disheartening.  But, China’s saber-rattling with various territorial claims against Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and other Southeast Asian Nations has created the climate for a U.S. re-emergence in the Region.  Accordingly, the Philippines and U.S. have been negotiating a renewed role for the American Military–not in operating the bases; but, in operating from both Clark and Subic Bay.  The locations, near Manila, are very accessible to the Regional Areas of Concern.


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