I have noticed a number of Republicans crowing that the price of Health Care will rise significantly after the ACA (“ObamaCare”) goes into effect (10/1/2013).  Now, I don’t know how accurate this comparison of Apples and Bananas is; however, they have missed a few facts along the way.  Well, we haven’t we become used to that?

First off, younger people don’t currently run to get Health Insurance; so, when you factor them in, you really cannot make comparisons.  Also, let’s not forget the young people–as well as others–who cannot get Health Insurance today due to the infamous “pre-existing conditions.  And, then, how do you add-in the (Young or Old) people who currently don’t have insurance and, when they are injured or take sick, they go to the Emergency Room.  Guess who pays?

Remember that, under ACA, when close to everyone should have Health Insurance, the hidden costs will be greatly reduced.  So, when you receive your Property Tax Bill, the Regional Hospital Charge should be quite a bit lower.  And, Renters, you might argue for a bit of a break, as well.   Don’t hold your breath though.



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