Everyone understands that Medicine is not an Exact Science; however, when it’s our Health (yours or mine), or our Family’s, we don’t want excuses–just answers.  And then, when the physician tells us the status, we often don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about.  But, when you consider all of the various Medical Fronts, progress is being made.  So, we have to trust them; but, with fingers crossed.

The linked article, by Lisa Rein, in the Washington Post, describes a Battle that has been waged by two unlikely teammates, at the National Institutes of Health, http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/nih-superbug-was-thwarted-with-help-of-two-scientists/2013/07/31/0d7f146e-f931-11e2-afc1-c850c6ee5af8_print.html.

Dr. Julie Segre, a Human Genome Researcher who specializes in the Epidermis, and Tara Palmore, an Internist who specializes in Infectious Diseases, both work at the NIH, in Bethesda,  Md. They happened to meet, by chance, and realized that they could team-up to conquer (wishful thinking perhaps) a killer bug–Klebsiella pneumoniae bacterium.  I believe that Ms. Rein, the article’s author, was right in comparing this to a detective mystery.  It took repetitive investigation of a deadly foe.

There’s very little that I can add to what is in the Post article.  Although this is truly an example of the fact that “Washington” does do things right occasionally, although the success with regard to the Klebsiella apparently did not start from the top down.  But, I surely hope that Scientists like Drs. Segre and Palmore, and their colleagues, are not impacted by the on-going cycles of furloughs. Even just the threat of it can be quite a distraction.

NOTE: The linked piece cites that Drs. Segre and Palmore, and their Team, are Finalists for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal–Science and Environmental Category.   http://servicetoamericamedals.org/SAM/finalists/sem/segre_palmore.shtml.  These awards are given annually to celebrate excellence in our Federal Civil Service.


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