Earlier this month, Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AK), who is also a political pundit on cable TV and a clergyman, visited Texas at the high point of the battle over the highly restrictive Abortion issue.  In his inspirational message, Mr, Huckabee compared Abortion to Slavery, a point that has been endorsed by many on the “Right”.  Thus, by his reckoning, Pro-Lifers are like Abolitionists back in the day.  There were no facts, however, to substantiate his claims.  Perhaps his comments were more beliefs.

The Abortion-Slavery comparison can be discussed in various ways; however, I will address it in the way Slavey actually came to the New-World–as an Economic Issue.  Slaves were considered to be chattel property of the Slave Masters.  They were initially bought at public auction and, from time-to-time, some were sold-off, just like livestock.

Slave Masters valued the Males most because they could work in the fields, and also they could impregnate the Females.  Women were somewhat less valuable as field hands; however, they were the “breed-stock” for producing more Slaves--or Assets. At first, the Children’s value was minimal; but, as they grew older, their value grew toward that of the Adults of their sex.  Family relationships were generally disregarded when the Slave Masters bought or sold Slaves.  To them, it was just a business deal.

Joy-Ann Reid, in the linked Miami Herald column, provides a somewhat different perspective to the Abortion-Slavery discussion: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/10/v-print/3494372/the-slavery-abortion-analogy.html.  As Ms. Reid so eloquently points-out, the complete control that the Slave Masters had over all of their Slaves is very much like the control that the Anti-Abortion Legislators wish to command over a Woman’s Right-to-Chose.

The decision, as to whether to have an Abortion or not is a tragic and heart-wrenching one.  It should be made by the Woman alone–or with whomever she chooses to confide in.  It should be made, based on the Woman’s personal views, health issues, Family situation, etc.; but, it certainly should not be made through the legal System.



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