Obviously, Racism is an issue that is front-and-enter in this Country, and will remain so for quite some time.  As noted recently, I believe “…a person’s beliefs about race and racism tend to be highly coorelated with one’s own experience of race and racism”.

Recently, Cheerios showed a commercial with a Family composed of a White Mom, a Bi-Racial Daughter and a Black Dad.  The anger and vitriol of the comments on FaceBook forced the site to be shut down.  Since then, however, the commercial has received a considerable amount of favorable praise: from the wider public audience; TV and the Press, and perhaps buyers at the cash register.

A couple of producers selected a random audience of Children, ranging in age from 7 to 13, and had them just watch that commercial without any knowledge of why they were asked to do so.  This follow-up, short film has also received a good bit of media coverage, to include this from the NBC TODAY Show:

The comments from the Children who, at first, wondered why they were watching it, “It’s just a Cheerios Commercial”.  When told about the hatred it provoked, they said “Why?”.  When they were told of the mixing of the races, the mixed group of Children couldn’t believe there was anything wrong.  One questioned if it was filmed in the 1950s. Asked about seeing People of Different Races, or of the Same Sex, kiss or marry. they said: “So what, as long as they love each other.  

On a lighter note, there was another “Commercial”, which was filmed and, I believe, gave Cheerios even more free publicity.  You will, no doubt, see numerous spoofs, with different messages, that will give Cheerios even more free publicity.  Eat-up!  Be sure to watch both videos–the original and the follow-up.


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