Unless you live in a cave, on the highest mountain, you are aware of the firestorm that Rolling Stone Magazine has caused, with its recent cover, which shows Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Rolling Stone is a magazine that was born out of the 1960s–”Make Love, Not War”–Era.  “Stone” has been influential in shaping the views of many younger generations.  The uproar is that Tsarnaev seems to be depicted as being in the pantheon of heroes like:  John Lennon; Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison–rather than as a Terrorist, which he was.

Massachusetts State Police photographer, Sergeant Sean Murphy, a 25 year Veteran, had released pictures that he took throughout that day:  high-level meetings; police deployment; the capture, etc.  He stated, when he gave them to Boston Magazine, as an individual, and not in any official capacity.  Further, he said that the Rolling Stone cover made him sick, and that it was an affront to every police officer who had ever served. The linked articles is as follows:

As it turns-out, Sergeant Murphy is now scheduled for a Disciplinary Hearing for releasing the photographs,  Now, with all the concern over transparency, due to the NSA Leaks, think twice before jumping to conclusions as to whether Sergeant Murphy was right or wrong in his actions.  The photos–and their sequence–may potentially reveal police intelligence strategies.  Also, the state must be careful about releasing information–15 months after the Crimes–and the pictures might disallow vital evidence.


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