The Florida “Stand Your Ground” Law was mentioned numerous times recently, both during the Zimmerman Murder Trial, and in the out-of-control Media Circus, during and afterward.  Many Judges simply do not know how to implement SYG.  Sounds like KFC, huh? But now, that Defense seems to be taking on a mind of its own.

Recently, a Middle School Girl and Boy got into a fight on a school bus, in Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale Area), as noted in the linked article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/crime/fl-school-bus-stand-your-ground-20130717,0,5147494,print.story.  The Boy was arrested, found guilty of battery and sentenced as a Juvenile.

Then, and I kid you not, the District Appeals Court Judge who overruled the Trial Judge, wrote that the self-defense law does apply, overturned the Trial Judge and ordered him to consider that the Boy was within his rights under Stand Your Ground.  I wonder which of their important Judicial Duties suffered as they took the time-out to referee Recess?

There are a lot of local School Issues–even at the Elementary and Middle School Levels–in which the Police are called-in.  Early Grade Children have been handcuffed, taken “Downtown” and booked, I presume.  I can just imagine some desk sergeant, retired from a job in NYPD’s Hell’s Kitchen or LAPD’s Watts District, booking a handcuffed six-or-seven year old.  Is it just in Flora-I-Duh, or does it happen where you live too?



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