The nearby City of Weston is rightfully proud of three residents, the three Stolzenberg brothers.  Some time back, Harris (age 18), who will be a Freshman at M.I.T. next year, said that he would run in the next Boston Marathon.  Justin (age 15) said that he would be there to cheer him on.  Well, Michael (age 13) said let’s raise $1 Million for “One Boston”: that’s the Foundation to aid the Victims of the Marathon Bombings, last April.

Of course, calmer heads prevailed–or thought they had–as their Mother suggested a goal of $10,000 would be great.  But, no, Michael would have none of it!  Their goal WAS set at $1 Million.  Things have taken-off, but not at the warp-speed that they would need to reeach their goal.  Oprah Winfrey got wind of it, called Michael and asked how much they had raised.  When Michael said about $100,000, she agreed to double it.

The brothers have organized various events in and around Weston. A Teacher at Pinecrest, the private school they attend, is helping them organize a larger event, which the Florida Panthers Hockey Team will co-sponsor.   Justin posted on his MIT Facebook Page, asking for help in creating a web page.  Well, Corey Walsh, another incoming MIT Freshman from California, helped them create: “MikeysRun.com”.

For the three Stolzenberg Brothers, regardless of whether they accomplish their hefty goal or not, the Journey would be an accomplishment.  Now, you are probably aware that a number of the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing are amputees.  Well, if this were a joke, I’d say that it’s now time for the punchline.  But its not! a joke!  See the linked column by Dave Hyde, in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/fl-dave-hyde-commentary-0712-20130711,0,1941848.column.

You see, thirteen year-old Michael Stolzenberg is a quadruple amputee.  Five years ago, at age 8, he contracted a rare viral infection.  A couple of months ago, the Brothers travelled to Orlando, where Michael attended an amputees’ conference.  He met some Boston Marathon Amputees and, st Dinner, he showed them pictures of him playing lacrosse, and he told them that life goes on just fine. Easy for him to say, huh?

Read the (above) linked article and I believe that you will be heartened by the Stolzenberg Brothers–especially the youngest, Michael.  Or, visit their web site:  Mikey’sRun.com.  Like they say about other tremendous athletes, Michael just seems to enlighten others around him–making them better.



  1. #1 by Annemarie Huber Edmundowicz on July 19, 2013 - 1:12 PM

    amazing story of familyntogetherness and the resilience of youth….these parents must be so proud of their sons!

    • #2 by cheekos on July 19, 2013 - 4:53 PM

      I firmly believe that Michael is an inspiration to all around him. He has taken unbelievable tragedy and said, “So what?” Anyone else would just give up. Like a great athlete, “Mikey” just seems to make eveyone around him perform better. He is truly the person to show the Amputees from the Marathon Bombing that life goes on and stay in the Game–of Life.

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