It sure looks like John Boehner (R-OH) couldn’t have made it in the Navy.  He just can’t get that very First Rule of Seamanship through his head.  Perhaps, that’s because it is so very much based on common sense–something which he generally tends to ignore.

Like so many of the Bills that he has once again wasted the House’s–and the Country’s–Time on is a Farm Bill that will never pass the Senate–and President Barack Obama has vowed to VETO this one too.  Anything but the Immigration Reform Bill that the GOP so badly needs–and doesn’t seem to want.

You may recall that the House had recently failed to pass it’s version of the Farm Bill, after Boehner said he would invoke the Hastert Rule–never bring a Bill to the House Floor unless you were sure that it would Pass.  Well, it didn’t, and he took a lot of heat from his own party for that.  So, then the Republicans got cute; because, it wanted to give those special gifts to Corporate Farms.

Perhaps 30-40 years ago, Congress started including the “Food Stamp” Program (now called S.N.A.P.); because, that expanded the Farm Bill strategy: it would attract votes from the Conservative Agricultural States, as well as the more Liberal Urban States.  It was a No-Brainer that had passed year-after-year, in both Houses.

When the House version failed to pass last month, however, all the Democrats and some Republicans voted against it, because it dramatically cut funding for S.N.A.P. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).  So, yesterday, Boehner brought an updated version, which cut S.N.A.P. totally out of the Bill.  The Republicans passed it all by themselves!

Keep in mind that many of the People who rely on Food Stamps are working Families, with Children.  So, S.N.A.P., Welfare, Medicaid, and other Safety Net Programs help in the fight against the Vicious Circle.  Malnourished Families end up in Emergency Rooms, Hungry Children do not learn, Education is much better (and cheaper) than Incarceration, etc.  In the long-run, Safety Net Programs are very good for the Budget.

So, Mr. Boehner, now that you have once again shown your stripes, what do you intend to supplement the S.N.A.P.‘s already barely-tolerable nutrition standards with?  Ohioans are suffering too!

Do you really think that People who have lost jobs through no fault of their own, or simply cannot get by at the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 can survive?  IF…they have the “luxury” of only working 50 weeks per year, five days per week for eight hours, the Annual income would be all of $14,500.  Could you survive on that without some Assistance (that “dirty” word) from the Safety Net?  Even, with it?


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