You might remember my wanting to suggest that the State of Florida be entered in the running for the next airing of David Letterman’s “Dumb Human Tricks”.  OK, Minnesota, we’ll bid Alan West to see your Michelle Bachmann, and raise you one Marco Rubio.  One of the Sunday Newspapers even has a column titled, Stupid Things you can only find in Flor-I-Duhhh.  And, it all starts in Tallahassee.

When Republican Governor Rick Scott first won election, he promised Jobs-Jobs-Jobs!  Now, where have I heard that all before?  Scott seemed to realize that being on a peninsula, Heavy Industry wouldn’t make it; so, he piggy-backed on some of the High-Tech that Florida started to attract during prior Administrations.  High-Tech and STEM!

Now, let’s take a break from making it look I am actually praising our “illustrious” governor.  I’m certainly not!  If you’ve got the dough, Scott can get your Project gift-wrapped for you–WholeSale!  in April, the Republican-Dominated Government was forced to ban ALL Internet Cafes from the State, as noted in the linked article from HuffPost,

With all of the Senior Citizens in Florida, illegal gambling casinos have been common place, with games like Bingo.  But, they had all the bells and whistles (music and visuals) that legal slot machines use to attract their customers.  But, it hit the fan when it was publicized that a company that was part-owned by Scott’s Lieutenant Governor advised one of the “Internet” Companies.  So, the GOP had to act…FAST!

Now, perhaps the Bill banning the Cafes was close enough for government-work; but, I’m sure that it didn’t help attract the Tech Sector.  Since the illegal gambling machines at the casinos appeared somewhat like computers, the bill, in effect, has banned every computer–with Internet Access (FLOR-I-DUHHH!)–from the State of Florida.

More and more, people are wondering whether Governor Scott–and the whole Legislature is operating with a “Full Deck”.  Well, if this is any indication of “The Right”, I certainly would hate to see what’s on “The Wrong”.

NOTE:  This Blog Post is being sent on my Banned-in-Florida iMAC.



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