In a prior Blog Post, I had pointed-out that the recent riots in Ankara, and other Turkish Cities, had a bit more of a historical background than the the riots in Taksim Square, and elsewhere, might have indicated,  The Prime Minister, Recap Tayyip Erdogan, was almost ousted by the Military, early on in his term, due to his intent to convert Modern Turkey, from the Secular Country which it had always been, to a Conservative Islamic State.

In fact, Erdogan had already been removed from office, as Mayor of Ankara in 1998, when he had been imprisoned due to his inciting religious hatred.  He is a confirmed Conservative Islamist; however, once he agreed to the secular traditions of Turkey, he succeeded in office–along with the economic prosperity of Turkey.

When Mohammed Morsi won the Presidency of Egypt, after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, he gradually began to replace Democracy with Conservative Islamic Policies.  Did Morsi’s apparent success give Erdogan the nerve to become more repressive himself?  Morsi’s ouster, however, just one year from his taking office, might cause Erdogan to re-consider now.  Only time will tell.

But, what will the outcome be in Egypt?  Frankly, it’s too soon to tell.  The fact that the Military had put the Chief Judge in office, as Acting President, is a good sign–in that it tends to indicate that the military might not want to run the Country.  Will there be a roll for Dr. Mohamed Baredi (or El-Baredi)?

A couple of years ago, when Mubarak was forced-out of office (and imprisoned), Mr. Baredi was thought to play a leading role in The New Egypt.  He eventually dropped-out of the running for the Presidency since the Military Council was bungling the transtion.  He is a Nobel Laureate (Peace Prize), holds a Law Degree from NYU, had worked in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and headed the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency.  Perhaps equally important, he is thought to be close to the Military and a Secularist.  A BBC Profile is as follows:


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