When I started this Blog, I announced that it might include anything–and everything.   And, as you can see,  I don’t lie (uh…much).  Originally, I focused more on things that I had encountered in the Financial Services Business, or in my own Retirement Process.

More recently, however, I have also included issues that would apply to my Daughter (20/30 Somethings) and Little Children (five-month old Grandson, Henry).  This Blog borrows a little from the days when Marissa and her Brother, Andrew (“Android”), were quite young.  I am just passing-on my recollections and do not pretend to be an expert.

Our Children could have as much fun climbing inside a cardboard box, which came with new table lamps, a trip to the local fire station (sitting in the driver’s seat of a pumper, with the fireman’s hat on), visiting a construction site to see real “Tonka Trucks” in action, trips to a park or zoo, etc.  Children can enjoy just about anything, regardless of the cost, as long as it gives them an opportunity to have fun and use their Imagination.

In 1961, FCC Chairman Newton N. Minnow coined the term “Vast Wasteland”, when speaking about Television.  How many Children, and even Adults, spend hours on end, just sitting in front of the Boob Tube?  In such cases, perhaps the viewer is being entertained; but, generally there is no mental stimulation.  I believe that, nowadays, the same can be said for:  speaking or texting constantly on a cellphone;  playing endless computer games;  watching movies on a Pad or Notebook; etc. Yes, they are busy; but, are they really being stimulated?

At five months, you won’t accomplish much reading Children’s books to an infant; but, kids are actually picking-up speech patterns at an early age.  (I have even read that it is recommended that the Child’s seat in a stroller be installed, facing the adult, if at all possible.) Singing provides reinforcement, just like holding them, and even playing soft music.  Then, at some time, you advance to reading books, doing things together, telling pretend stories and, when they are ready, have them sing, tell you a story or just take a more active part in whatever activities you are sharing with your Child or Grandchild.

Marissa and Mike, we really envy you both.  We enjoyed watching our children grow, taking pride in their accomplishments and, now, seeing you advance to the next phase of your maturation.  Been there, done that…and we would gladly do it ALL over again,


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