In a recent Post, I suggested that Dr. Mohamed Baredi (El-Baredi) might play a Leadership Role in the New, New Egypt,  Several hours ago, it had been rumored that Baredie had been summoned by the Interim President, Adli Mansour, to be named the Interim Prime Minister.  That linked article, from the NY Times, is as follows:

I believe that the claims of the Muslim Brotherhood, that the ousting of Mohamed Morsi was a Coup d’Etat against a democratically-elected President, are unfounded.  Once Morsi dismissed part of the Parliament, rammed a new Constitution through, began conferring with an (unelected/unappointed) “Muslim Council” and declared himself above the Judiciary–in essence, above the Law, he basically relinquished his Office.

When General Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, the Military Leader made the initial announcement, on Wednesday, that Morsi was out, Dr. Baredi stood nearby.  So, the concern that The Generals might want to take control again, as they did Post-Mubarak, seems unfounded, at least at this time.  Also, throughout the period (perhaps the last nine months) in which Gen. el-Sisi had been trying to convince President Morsi to make concessions to the Opposition, the Military has had a continuously good rapport with the U.S. and other Western Nations.



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