Most of the Media Coverage, recently, has been about the ultra, ULTRA Restrictive Abortion Bill that the Male and Republican-Dominated Texas Legislature has been trying to pass.  And, State Senator Wendy Davis has shot to the top of the charts, as the Firebrand to keep The Li’l Ole Boys in line.  This issue certainly has the Eyes, and Ears, of the Country on them.  The War on Women continues.

The Battlefield, however, is even bigger thanTexas.  Once again, it appears that the states where the State House and Legislature are controlled by the GOP–the so-called Party of Small Government is working to overturn Roe v. Wade, through the backdoor.  But, perhaps they stole an idea from Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)–DEATH PANELS!  But, instead of fighting against them, they ae working to construct them.

Little by little, the Grand (Too) Old Party is: restricting Abortion to 20 weeks or less; establishing requirements that have (or will) greatly reduce the clinics that also offer Abortion; require Vaginal Probes and Sonogram Counseling; among other things. Keep in mind that none of this is recommended by the Women’s Physicians.  Remember, those are the Health Care Providers that Michelle Bachmann proclaimed the Death Panels would remove from the equation–but the Republicans are doing it.  And, Women’s Health and Pre-Natal Care would be curtailed, as well.

But, now, I have heard that John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, signed a Bill into Law that would eliminate Rape Crisis Centers.  I am just assuming that, if I were establishing a Rape Crisis Center, I certainly would want to include the following as primary services to victims:
1.  A Medical check to insure that there were no injuries or any other problems that could have resulted.
2.  Sperm and DNA samples should be collected, as well as pictures of the victim and clothers, and coordinate the results with the appropriate police or legal personnel.
3.  Refer for on-going counseling, as required.
4.  Obviously, people who actually have a clue regarding such Centers certainly might have other tests and services to include.

You might recall the outcry in India when a Young Lady was gang-raped and impaled with a metal bar on a bus, thrown-off and she eventually died.  In India, as well as many other countries in that part of the World, the police tend to ignore rapes and, oftentimes, they go unreported, lest the victim be accused of the crime.

Well, it looks like Ohio is moving somewhat in that direction.  Just think of where the best place to initiate a rape report would be.  A Rape Crisis Center would have available–or access to–Medical, Forensic, Crime Prevention, Counseling and any other type of assistance required. But, hey, I’m just surmising.  But, such Centers will no longer be funded by the State of Ohio.


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