Yesterday, the Obama Administration issued a final rule under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), requiring many employers and health insurance plans to provide free contraceptives to Women.  And of course, as we saw some months ago, when this fight was first fought, the Catholic Church and other religious organizations are still protesting–in the name of “Religious Liberty”.  (Religious organizations are exempt from the provision of ACA, with regard to contraceptives, but their affiliates are not.)

Well, believe it or not, “We, the People…” includes all the people and, as far as I’m concerned, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques, Shrines, etc. are not People.   As far as I know, Religious Organizations do not get pregnant...: well, unless, perhaps, they have converted those darn birds and bees.  So, let’s focus on the The People for whom health care is intended.  Humans.

When this discussion first came about, last year I believe, the local Miami Archbishop said that the practical problem was not so bad, because 98% of the people who work at Catholic hospitals and universities (which the plans do have to include) were Catholic. Well, in that case, isn’t this really a moot point?

The People of all religions should have Their Religious Liberty protected, as well.  I believe that, in today’s American Society, a majority of Women, of child-bearing age, DO use contraceptives.  So, protecting Religious Liberty is not all about the Religious Organizations, it should be about (We…) The People!  The individual Women!

Now, once again, the odd couple in the room is the republican Party siding with the Catholic Church. The GOP says that the Contraceptive Provision is intrusive and onerous.  Whatever happened to the ”Party of Small Government”, which in this case is being most intrusive, while claiming that it is against intrusion.  Which are they…today?

How intrusive can a Law be if it doesn’t force anyone to use Contraceptives; but, if they wish, and they truly have become an option within the Women’s Health Regimen, why shouldn’t they be included in Obamacare?  Besides, if ACA can cover Viagra for The Men, why not Contraceptives for The Women?  Is there a difference, other than one is for Men and the other is for Women?



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