A Bi-Partisan Senate “Gang of Eight” has been drafting an Immigration Reform Bill for approximately nine months.  Also, after the last Presidential Election, when Republicans really lacked votes from Latinos and Asians, and their Candidate Mitt Romney, offered “Self-Deportation” to resolve the problem, they were supposedly going to become more immigrant-friendly.  So, how have they been doing?

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has announced, again and again, that the Senate Bill wouldn’t pass the House, and that the house was going to draft it’s own Bill.  How is that coming: have they even started yet?  Mr. Boehner also said that the House was going to pass one that made sense–and followed the Will of the American People.  Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) also announced that he would not vote for the Senate Immigration Reform Bill.

So, the House is going to pass a Bill that is in the best interest of the American People, huh?  Has anyone, except for the lobbyists and Tea Partyers, noticed that yet?  Is the GOP turning over a new leaf?  HMMM…

Although Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is not in the House, he sure is a good example of a GPOer who talks a good game.  Floridians polled as overwhelmingly in favor of some Gun Control Legislation; but, he voted agains it.  The Sunshine State has polled very much in favor of Marriage Equality; but, Sen. Rubio is against it.

And now, when he has wrapped himself with the American Flag and the Immigration Reform Bill, Mr. Rubio only now is suggesting that illegals learn how to speak English before even being granted Permanent Residency.  Wouldn’t it make sense to make sure that you can stay, before learning to speak another language?

Letters to the Editor of, at least various South Florida newspapers, have lambasted Rubio–on these and other issues.  Some have even questioned whether his Cuban Immigrant parents could speak English before receiving their “Green Cards”.  Oh, right, Cuban Immigrants get a free-pass.  Generally, the time between being granted Permanent Residency and Citizenship is when most immigrants learn English.  The general feeling seems to be that he is more focused on the Presidency–rather than on Florida.

But, I certainly wonder if Immigration Reform has really been a ploy by the GOP all along.  Speaker Boehner has continually affirmed that Jobs is their primary goal.  But, here we are, six months into 2013, and there has not been one House Bill intended to improve Jobs in America.  So, Speaker Boehner, where’s the beef?



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