Don’t be too concerned about the NSA monitoring your Phones, Email, Social Media, etc.  You have been giving this information–and much, MUCH more–away for years.  But, also keep in mind that, when something like the Boston Marathon Bombing happens, we all second-guess why the Government didn’t do more.

Surely, the NSA can cross-reference the telephone records (but not the content) of someone who calls you; but also phones or texts Chechnya, as well.  Your boasts on Twitter about meeting someone, who might also be on a No Fly List, can pop-up.  GPS in your car or on your cell phone, you’re leaving your travel log–showing potential proximity to a Crime or Terror Incident.

Everyone has known that companies like Google collect information on your Internet activities–for marketing purposes.  That way, the pop-up advertisements fit in with your personal interests.  That makes those “profiles” (if you will) more valuable for Google to sell.  For instance, my wife no longer gets Victoria’s Secret advertisements (although I keep sendin’ ’em); but, at five foot tall, she still gets notice of the Macy’s Petites Sales.

A couple of years ago, I read an article about people who were sworn-off FaceBook.  One man in Manhattan, (en route to the Subway) encountered a Woman whom he had never met; but, he knew quite a bit about her from FaceBook.  Friend-of-a-Friend, perhaps?  But, that scared him that, with what he knew about her, how much did others know about him?

Just think about those bar codes that are on virtually everything you buy (and have been for years): blouse at Macy’s; check-out at the supermarket; books on Amazon; flight to Venezuela; etc.  How aboiut a pressure cooker at Target?   And, you pay with a credit card.   So, there you are: lock, stock and barrel!

Hey, fill-out a coupon when you buy something, you’re giving your name, address, store visited and a preferred product.  Also, the price-range might reflect your income level.  A warranty card for a computer: you list where you bought it; when, why (i.e. business, pleasure, investments, hobby, etc.).  How about the company that you answered the questions on a telephone marketing survey for?  Or, as I just posted, completing a survey when you buy baby formula, providing your name, address, DOB, same for children, maybe telephone and address.  So, perhaps the dots will get connected.

Also, then there are the dumb things: people who show up unannounced at your doorstep, without the standard electric company credentials, uniform and truck, to check your “connectivity”, but they do get a good look at the lay-out of your home and see where valuables might be located. Providing information, by any means to the (supposed) IRS about your bank accounts is a NO-NO. Leaving your cell phone, which might have data and payment capabilities, lying around.  Letterman’s Dumb Human “Tricks”.

So, if you look at some of these instances where you have been providing information or not properly safeguarding it, and it has been going on for years, and years, it might look like “Big Brother” is really at the back-of-the-line.  Keep your guard up!


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