The Affordable (Health) Care Act (ACA), which is also referred to as ObamaCare, will be going into effect on January 1, 2014. Apparently, its effective date was delayed, from it’s actual March of 2010 passage date, in order to give the individual states time to decide whether they wanted to create Insurance Exchanges, or implement the National Program.   As you know, everyone will be required to buy health insurance–or pay a fine.  Anyone covered by employer-sponsored plans, however, will see little change, if any.

The linked article, from the Miami Herald, “5 Points to Know about the Health Care Overhaul”,, provides some good commentary.  Remember that, like any complex legislation, it is quite a lengthy Bill, and the inevitable political rhetoric is just as verbose.  Also, as is usually the case, most people don’t really do their homework. Yes, it’s not perfect; but, if it provides Health Care Insurance for everyone, that certainly is better than we have now.

The Kaiser Family Foundation is an excellent source of in formation on various Medical and Health Care Issues, not just for the ACA. It’s web site can be found at,  That site has a useful cost calculator, as mentioned in the article, which enables you to estimate the cost of your insurance at:



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