The Farm Bill failed to pass the Full House Vote, during which a number of Republicans sided with the Democrats in voting against it. That truly gave Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) a slap in the face, as he has claimed that he will follow the Hastert Rule, by only bringing Bills for a Vote when passage is virtually certain.  That has been his response to questions about why there has not been a Vote on Jobs or Immigration.

House Majority Leader, Eric Canter (R-VA) blamed the failure in passage on Obstruction by the Democratic Minority.  Oh course, as he wrapped himself in the Flag, he claimed that the Farm Bill was always a Non-Partisan Issue, which meant jobs.  Once again, something that we have certainly heard before!

Mr. Canter failed, however, to mention that:  the Farm Bill would give the bulk of the financial benefits to the large, industrial corporate farmers, not to the struggling family farmers, which it was initially established to provide (going back 70 years).  Also, companies like Monsanto, that genetically modify seeds, carte blanche to do what they wish, with little or no regulation.  See the linked article, from Fortes Magazine, “A “Dysfunctional” House Does What’s Right On The Farm Bill”,

A key hang-up among Democrats, most of whom voted the Bill down, was the fact that it would cut $2.2 Billion per year in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is still referred to by its old name–Food Stamps.  It would have cut approximately two million people out of the Program.  Additionally, the proposed Bill would have added a Work Requirement, which is quite intuitive, since most recipient families are already composed of Workers and Children.



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