There is a program which, to me, makes perfectly good sense.  For instance, when your Child goes out to play, you might ask where they are going, and when they will be back.  For younger Children, transportation might need to be arranged.  But, how well do you know the place they are going to, will there be Adult Supervision and, if they are going to someone’s house to play, how well do you know the other Child’s Parents?

The ASK Campaign brings the one obvious element, which you might have missed, to mind.  ASK can be found at:  Today, more than one-third of homes that have children, also have guns.  ASK has several approaches, depending on the Children’s ages.  But, the basic approach, composed of several non-intrusive questions, is as follows:

1.  Is there a gun in the house?   If the answer is NO, no problem.  If your Child’s Friend is a regular playmate, however, you really should get to know them, and especially the parents, as well.

2.  If the answer is YES; then, you should follow-up by asking if the gun(s) and ammunition are stored separately and locked away from Children.  If the answer is NO, you might want to suggest that the children play at your house.

Just think, how many times have you heard or read about children playing with a gun, and shooting–or killing–someone.  Remember the sad case of a five-year old boy, in Rural Kentucky, who was playing with his rifle, and killed his two-year old sister,  Two very revealing comments came from that:

1.  The Mother said that she didn’t know that the rifle was loaded.  Heard that before?

2.  Cumberland Country Coroner, Gary White, said: “It’s a Cricket.  It’s a little rifle for a kid … The little boy’s used to shooting the little gun.”

We have heard such comments before; but, especially when the Children–even another Child–are quite young, we cannot possibly expect them to display the intelligence of an adult.  But, then, that’s a whole other thing.



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