Once again, John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, has stated that he would follow “The Hastert Rule” (named for former Republican Speaker, Dennis Hastert, of Illinois). The Rule suggests never bringing a Bill to the House Floor without being certain of an affirmative vote.  What sheer nonsense on his part!

Today’s response was in respondse to a question as to when he would put the Senate’s version of the Immigration Reform Bill up for a Vote.  Instead, however, yesterday the House voted for an even more restrictive Abortion Bill, on a highly partisan vote.  But, he knew, going in, that the Abortion Bill has no chance of being affirmed by the Senate, and the President has vowed to VETO it.  Same for overturning ObamaCare–27 votes.

In the 2012 Election, Republicans realized that they lost considerably among: Blacks; Latinos; Asians; Gays/Lesbians; the Young; Women; the Poor and many Seniors.  The GOP Base was mostly among Older White Men and Evangelicals.  They proclaimed that they would change their Brand.

Apparently, the Republican Leadership was absent when their College Sociology classes covered Demographics.   Just look at the Big Four Primary States, which can somewhat swing Presidential Elections: California; Florida; New York and Texas.  California and New York are already quite strongly in the Democratic Camp.

Texas has been growing Bluer everyday as the Latino population grows, along with that of Younger Voters.  And, in Florida, the overall Latino population is growing, and the more-Liberal third-generation Cuban-Americans make an even greater impact.

Poor John Boehner, he probably just needs a good cry.  He seems to have been holding it in lately. But, he’s just caught in the Middle. GOP Leadership just doesn’t get it: you cannot change your Brand, while voting for impossible Bills to please your Base, while continuing to shun the Demographic Groups that you wish to attract to your Base.



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