It’s still alive and not just in the U.S.  The recent Cheerios commercial featured a White Mom, a Bi-Racial Daughter and a Black Dad, and with considerable vitriolic commentary afterward.  Young Jewish girls in Israel have been shouted at–and spit-on–by Hasidic Men because they were not dressed down to these “Gentlemen’s” off-based level of decency. (spitting at a twelve-year old girl? Oh Vey!) But, let’s go to the NBA.

You might be aware that the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat are competing in the Finals of the National Basketball Association–especially if you have a basketball fan in the Family.  Before each game, our National Anthem (both anthems if a Canadian Team was playing) is played in all the major sports.  Miami has had great luck in games when a particular ten-year old young lady sings.

Well, apparently the Spurs have found there own talented young singer, eleven year-old Sebastian De La Cruz.  He sang the Anthem, dressed in a Mariachi outfit, and did an outstanding job at the game on Tuesday night.  The Comments to local media–about him being illegal (is he?), or otherwise–showed just more of that little-mindedness.

The San Antonio Spurs invited Sebastian back again to sing last night. He was escorted to Center Court, before the Game, by Mayor Julian Castro and his Wife and, after he sang The Star-Spangled Banner, he receive a standing ovation form the capacity crowd.  Also, both Gregg Popovich, Coach of the Spurs, and Eric Spoelstra, Coach of the Heat, walked out to congratulate him on his performance. This is included in a FOX News Latina release,

It certainly is unfortunate that bigots, racists, sexists and the like, still exist.  I wonder if each of them could be given one of those metal detectors that old men (I’m not ready yet!) walk aimlessly along the beach with.  Apparently, they don’t have any goals in life. Maybe, they think that it has passed them by.  But, hey, that’s no one’s fault, but there own!


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