Many Americans, over the years, have heard the (spoken) Gettysburg Address, which was delivered by President Abraham Lincoln, at the Civil War Battle site, in the Pennsylvania countryside.  I believe that, on this Memorial Day, you might want to actually read the Address for yourself.  The words (linked below) are as haunting today, as they were then.

As a young boy (really! there was such a time.), I remember people calling it “Decoration Day”.  Originally, this was a day on which families went to the graves of Union Soldiers, who were killed during the Civil War–and they would decorate those graves.  There was also a similar tradition honoring Confederate Soldiers who had been killed.

In 1971, Congress passed a Law, declaring Memorial Day to be a National Holiday, on the last Monday in May.  Also, it was established to honor all Servicemen and Women, who died in all of our Country’s Wars.



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