Sometimes, when you run into a multi-faceted situation, it is better to separate the various components and analyze each one individually.  That is called “chunking it down”.  There is a considerable amount of noise, in both the print and broadcast media, about what might be currently called the “Presidency Under Siege”.

Republicans, pretty much across-the-spectrum–House, Senate, RNC and Pundits–have been castigating President Barack Obama over three issues:  the attacks in Benghazi, Libya; the IRS questioning right-leaning 501(c)4 PACs and the Justice Department subpoenaing numerous records of the Associated Press.  And, oddly enough, all of this just seemed to have cropped-up since last Friday.

The attacks on the temporary State Department outpost, which claimed the lives of four American lives, actually happened last September 11, and had been the subject of both House and Senate Hearings late last year.  The IRS Inquiries and the Justice subpoenas were made public more recently; however, the time-frames (of occurrences), departments involved and the Laws, which might have been broken, if any, vary.  So, that’s why it is best to separate them, in order to better understand them.

Unfortunately, as so often happens in Washington, the various issues are “discussed” in the media, with innuendo, vindictiveness and partisan politics, rather than face-to-face with some intent to find appropriate solutions.  Recent Senate Hearings, regarding Benghazi attack, included the mention of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s name 32 times, and with both Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) stating that she should have no higher office.  Opposing a potential 2016 opponent?


Among the Republican comments, I have heard:  “Worst than Watergate”; “Worst than Teapot Dome” (early in the Harding Administration in 1923) and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) asked “how many are going to jail?”.  Also, as they have been doing from the beginning of Obama Administration, Republicans have been trying to lay all of the blame at the feet of the President.  (Remember, the Government has 2.75 Million Civilian Employees.)

How do these issues compare to: lying about WMDs, during the George W. Bush Administration, to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq; the IRS auditing the NAACP during 2004, trying to withdraw it’s 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status for opposing the War in Iraq; and, let’s not forget the extremely questionable wiretaps on Americans in the U.S., also during the bush ’43 Administration.

I will discuss these several issues, in coming Blog Posts by, thus, chunking them down for better understanding.



  1. #1 by maxcat06 on May 16, 2013 - 8:18 PM

    My ire goes up when I hear “worse than Watergate”! Sorry, I lived through Watergate; that was using the IRS at the direction of the White House, breaking into individuals homes, wiretapping the
    DNC (okay, it didn’t work), and compiling an “enemies list” to try and systematically go after people.
    Benghazi, the current IRS scandal and even the AP wiretap, although heinous, don’t come close.

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