Last December, an Indian Couple were attacked on a bus while returning from a movie theater, in New Delhi. The Woman was gang-raped, impaled on a metal bar, dragged off the bus and left to die in the street. The Young Man was beaten and also thrown off the bus; however, he survived. He has been assisting the Police in the Investigation of his friend’s murder. All six alleged rapists have been arrested and charged with murder.

In India, rapes–either by family members or strangers–are quite common and often go unreported, because the Police don’t appear to take them seriously. The viciousness in this incident, however, has resulted in numerous rallies, especially by Women who are speaking out–demanding Justice and more Security for Women.

In response, some young Women have designed various gadgets, mostly clothing, which might stop the assaults and even send an electronic alarm to the Police. The linked article from Blog NDTV is as follows:
NDTV is one of the most-watched TV News Networks in India.



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