This past Tuesday, a five year-old boy, in rural Kentucky, was playing with the “Cricket” rifle that his parents bought him, last year for his birthday. Well, with this “Children’s” rifle, he shot and killed his two year-old sister. Now, how many times before have we heard that “they” (the parents in this case) didn’t know that it was loaded? Really!

There are videos on the Internet showing the boy opening the gift box, and of him and his Father firing it. They both had camouflage clothes on and the gun had a little case that was just right for the small rifle, which might have been near three feet long.  Worse yet, it had a telescopic sight.

Cricket Firearms Company is the manufacturer and the weapon is marketed under the name, “My First Rifle”. Cumberland Country Coroner, Gary White, said: “It’s a Cricket. It’s a little rifle for a kid … The little boy’s used to shooting the little gun.”

I have several questions:

1.   Exactly what is a “rifle for a little kid”? Aren’t rifles weapons, and able to kill people?
2.   Will the manufacturer be held liable?
3.   The Parents? The gun was usually kept a corner. A rifle, in a house with Young Children, and it was not locked-up?
4.   If this was the boy’s “first rifle”, will it also be his Last?
5.   What kind of emotional stress will the boy carry with him for the rest of his life, after this incident?

I had previously written about rifles being used, mostly in rural areas, back in the Old West or Revolutionary Era. Accordingly, I mentioned that Boys of “a certain age, perhaps ten or twelve” hunted for the family dinner. But, giving a rifle to a five year-old, even a so-called “kid’s rifle”, without proper supervision and being locked-up when not supervised, makes me doubt the intelligence of the entire community, from Top-to-Bottom. Parents, manufacturers, retailers and even the County Coroner’s Office.

So far, the NRA is laying low in this issue–just like after Newtown, in December. I’m sure, however, that they have their Media-Spinners working overtime. Perhaps, they might suggest security guards in every playground.


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