Florida Atlantic University (FAU), in Boca Raton, is certainly overshadowed by The Big Three–Florida, Florida State and University of Miami. But, it has gained some Notoriety–some might say Infamy–over the past year. “Owlcatraz”, by the way, was the tongue-in-cheek name given to the Stadium, where FAU’s Owls would play, after a corporate operator of correctional facilities pledged a large donation. It was pulled, however, after there was considerable community backlash–both off-campus and on.

Professor James Tracey gained an extraordinary amount of negative national press after he doubted if the Massacre at Sandy Hook, in Newtown, Conn., actually occurred. Then, more recently, another Professor seemed to join in the Insanity, by asking a student to write “Jesus Christ” on a piece of paper and, then, stomp on it. Well, Tracey is at it again, by doubting whether the Bombing at the Boston Marathon actually happened.

I have hinted in the past that maybe Florida has more than it’s share of Crazies; but, keep in mind that this has all been happening (in four and a half months) at one small state university. And, I have not even mentioned all the the daily shenanigans that go on at Miami-Dade’s City Hall or the Statehouse, in Tallahassee.



  1. #1 by maxcat06 on April 25, 2013 - 1:05 AM

    Is it the water?

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