The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) was signed into Law more than two years ago, and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) proclaimed it to be the “Law of the Land”, earlier this year. Still, the “Right” seems to take pot shots at it, every chance that it gets. So, do we, or don’t we, really need ObamaCare?

Keep in mind that much of ACA goes into effect in 2014. The delay was apparently intended to give States time to decide whether to form their own Exchanges–or implement ACA.

Let’s look at what insurance is all about. People buy Life, Auto, Homeowners Insurance, etc., hoping that it will be the worst “investment” that they ever make. The premiums that are paid by people who do not die, have a car accident, incur damage on their home, etc., is used to fund the claims of those policy owners who do (have claims).

A knock against ACA is that younger people probably don’t need it. So, granted, you might not need Health Insurance…until you really DO! Just think of those 20/30 somethings who were shot in that movie theater in Aurora, Colo. Well, this past Monday, with perhaps 200 injuries–some critical–at the Boston Marathon, perhaps some of the victims did not have health insurance. And, that includes a number of amputations. Who pays for their operations, hospital stays, follow-up care, prosthetics, rehabilitation, etc?

During the Presidential Debates last year, Former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) said that people, who do not have Health Insurance, should just go to the Emergency Room if they are sick or injured. That’s an often-used Republican “Solution”; however, it avoids the issue. Going to the ER is the most expensive type of Health Care. And, the Taxpayers end-up paying.

I applaud the Health Care Professionals at the various Boston Hospitals, as well as those who were working at the Marathon–or who volunteered on the spot. Boston has some truly world-class facilities; however, to staff them properly, doctors, nurses, technicians, etc., should be paid the going wages. That requires a Health Care System where everyone coming for service is covered by payments.



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