Although I had not planned it this way, the linked column, by Uri Dromi, in The Miami Herald, provides a good follow-up to (my last Post) the need for our children to understand the Arts and Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, History, Economics, etc.) to properly understand how the STEM Subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fit into our World, http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/11/v-print/3339181/prospects-of-middle-east-peace.html. Mr. Dromi is an Israeli journalist, who normally writes about the Middle East–specifically Israel, and its relationship with Palestine and other countries.

I would particularly point-out his quote, from an unidentified American Senator (I wonder who?): “Why can’t those Arabs and Jews just sit down, and like good Christians settle their differences?” Perhaps he missed the Arts and the Humanities in School. Perhaps STEM too!

When I worked as a Financial Advisor, I had a number of Overseas Clients, and I was always impressed by how much they knew about the U.S. and, oftentimes, most Americans know very little about other countries. Obviously, our Media, Movies and many cabal TV stations are available Worldwide. But, more than that, they seemed like they wanted to know and understand what is going on in the World.

Consider the following: Many in Wall Street, in 1979, feared that Radical Islamic Iran would join forces with the Atheistic Soviet Union after the students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran. Political pundits suggested that former Labor Secretary, Elaine Chao, the Wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), was feeding information to China. They didn’t realize that Ms. Chao’s native Taiwan has been at odds with China for 60 years. Also, many on the Political “Right” fail to realize that constricting our Economy will never lower the National Debt or Increase jobs. Just ask anyone in Europe.

The Bush (’43) Administration failed to properly understand the fragile Balance-of-Power when it invaded Iraq, in 2003. They didn’t seem to have a consistent Plan to go in, no clear objective to accomplish and apparently no time-frame to get out. Unfortunately, we: caused the death and mutilation of hundreds of thousands of Americans and Iraqis; obliterated a functioning Infrastructure; enhanced the al Qaeda recruiting efforts and plundered the U.S. Treasury.

Can you imagine how much devastation could have been prevented if the U.S. knew what it was getting into? Just how asinine can a President be in saying that a country with a history of a mere 200 years was going to “bring democracy” to a Peoples that have been in existence for six millennia.



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