I have written Blog Posts before about the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, which was created under Dodd-Frank, to establish a Government Agency to focus on Consumer Financial Scams and Improprieties. You can access the CFPB through http://WWW.US.GOV, or just CFPB.GOV. The direct link for the Consumer Complaint Database is:

I just noticed that the CFPB has created the Searchable complaints database for: mortgages, bank accounts and services, student loans, and credit cards. Whether you already have one of these products or are considering one, you can search the database to see how many complaints there are, either against your current institution or the one(s) you are considering. For comparing potential institutions, be sure to compare Apples-to-Apples (i.e. BankAmerica to Wells Fargo or Citibank).

On the web site, you can also file a complaint, ask a question or just research other products, legislation and ideas. You can also access a number of CFPB Newsletters.



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