After a number of Republican Senators have stated that they would not Filibuster the Gun Control Legislation, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has indicated that he would send it to the Floor for a Vote tomorrow. But, remember that Congress has two Houses.

Polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of Americans favor Gun Control Legislation. Such numbers were found pretty much across-the-board: Democrats; Republicans; Independents; NRA Members and Gun-Owners who do not belong to the NRA. But, it appears that many Members of Congress–especially those in predominately Red States–still favor the Status Quo, doing nothing.

If we can assume that, at least, most of the Polls are right; how, can Senators and Congressman from the Red States be in favor of voting this Legislation down? Perhaps this is due to the NRA Campaign Contributions–well, really a flow-through from the Gun Industry. Maybe that’s why some Senators, such as Marco Rubio, had been pledging that they would Filibuster, while not showing their hands to their own constituents.

So, if the Senate Bill passes, what will Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) do? Traditionally, there is the “Pocket Veto”–namely, keeping the House Bill from ever getting a vote. But, with all of the popularity and notoriety surrounding Gun Control, it would be difficult for the Speaker not to give it an Up-or-Down Vote.

Whatever your views on this Issue, I would suggest that you Email or telephone your Senators and Congressman, and them know your views.



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