The announcement, attributed to Kim Jong-Un, Supreme Leader in Pyongyang, had declared that the 1953 Armistice was over and a State of War now exists between North and South Korea. Due to our large number of US Troops that have been positioned near the boarder (DMZ), and our commitment to South Korea, I guess that goes for the US, as well. Is this serious or is it just bluster?

Personally, I believe that the North is, once again, trying to impress it’s starving masses and, since Pyongyang controls the Media, not many North Koreans are aware of the true state of affairs. But, now the North has denied entry of South Korean workers into the Kaesong Industrial Park, just across the North Korean Boarder.

That facility is jointly operated by the two Koreas. More importantly, it employs more than 50,000 workers in the North and provides a valuable source of Cash, which is vital since the North Korean Won (or KPW), is not tradable on World Markets. So, such necessities as food, oil and other commodities will be even more scarce as long as that Facility remains closed. That leads me to the next point.

North Korea is apparently in the process of re-starting its nuclear capabilities. If so, and due to the scarce supply of Cash, might the North become active in selling weapons with nuclear capabilities to various rogue states and terrorists organizations? Some analysts believe that that could become an alternative source of the cash it needs.

Also, how strong is the position of Kim Jong-Un in standing-up to the Country’s Military Leadership? His Biography shows that he attended boarding school in Switzerland and, then, the Kim Il-Sung Military Academy. I wonder about the military academy; because, when he was revealed as the heir to his Father, perhaps 18 months ago, he didn’t appear to be in the Army. But, now, he leads the Government and the Military–at age 30.

Recently, Mr. Kim has been purging many of the top military leaders, and he is replacing them with ones loyal to him. That tells me that his leadership position might not be fully acceptable to the Senior Military Leaders. Accordingly, the current stand-off that the North is creating might be to show himself a a true war-time leader and hero–and more importantly, to strengthen his Military Leadership position. As a naive kid, let’s hope that he doesn’t go too far–either in selling weapons or starting a war that he cannot win..


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  1. #1 by maxcat06 on April 3, 2013 - 6:56 PM

    I read recently that even the Russians are beginning to say that events are going “too far”. I did like your post about Mr. Kim making us more friends than we could have on our own. Still, the news of them re-starting the nuclear program is more than a bit frightening. I think it’s a gambit for us to ease sanctions, but that’s not going to happen.

  2. #2 by cheekos on April 5, 2013 - 8:31 PM

    No, you don’t want to meet an adversary half-way, if you know they won’t reciprocate. “Leader Kim” learned that from Watching our Congress, on CNN.

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