Kim Jong-Un, The Supreme Leader of The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, wa recently promoted to Field Marshall (the highest rank) of the Korean People’s Army. He also holds a slew of other long-winded titles; but, hey, it’s just like Napoleon placing the crown on his own head. Mr. Kim signs the orders; so, he just fills his name onto the dotted line. Frankly, when I think of Kim Jong-Un, it reminds me of the Seven-Up “Uncola” ads, with Jeffrey Holder. I really do!

But, recently, Mr. Kim proclaimed that the North is still in a State of War. Now, that’s a pretty astute announcement for a thirty year old, who only recently inherited every one of his Titles a year ago, when his Father, Kim Jong-Il died. But, seriously, Mr. Kim…War had never been declared in the first place. Wasn’t it considered to be a Police Action? But, thanks anyway.

During the Post-War Period, little-by-little, Americans continued to draw-down their forces. I was quite unhappy to see Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Base, in the Philippines, the two largest American Overseas Bases, close during the 1980s. Those would certainly be handy as the U.S. shifts its Military Focus to the Pacific, to counter China’s Influence.

Recently, in pointing out that North Korea is on War-Time Footing, some of the articles showed pictures of Field Marshall Kim, in his War Room, supposedly pointing-out the trajectory of their missiles, heading for South Korea, the U.S. Mainland, and bases in Hawaii and Guam.
This was assumedly all in response to joint South Korean/U.S. maneuvers in the Area.

It did look almost comical looking at the response of a country with limited resources–military or otherwise–going up against such powerful allies. Meanwhile, B-2 Spirit (Stealth) Bombers, flying from Whiteman Air Force Base, in Missouri, dropped inert material in South Korea, and returned to heir base. If it was without refueling, that was quite a round-trip mission. Now, how does that stack-up against North Korea’s power.

The problem that we have when confronting North Korea is that we cannot be sure of their mental stability. It’s one thing to bluff; however, when you are constantly proclaiming how great you are–and, perhaps, many in your destitute country might even believe it–Kim might start believing his own press clippings. Let’s hope not!

Some of the Pac Rim countries have now brushed-off the Welcome Mats, which they had quickly put away in the past. Even two of our staunchest allies, Australia and New Zealand, at the time, said that nuclear ships could not enter their ports. Now, I’m not sure about nuclear ships; however, we have maintained some military troops in Australia throughout that time, and recently added several thousand U.S. Marines.

So, the U.S. had started to shift Military Assets to the Asia-Pacific Theater, to include Aircraft Carriers, Submarines with Tomahawk Missiles and, as you know, Mr. Kim, the afore-mentioned B-2s, with nuclear capabilities. But, thanks for creating the drama that makes this all even more acceptable to most of your neighbors. You’re now a “true friend”.



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