I had previously Posted about Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s Strongman President for the past 13 years. His roll in Latin America was important, because he served as the linchpin in a group of Socialist Latin American Countries. Additionally, he had a very close relationship with Fidel and Raul Castro, providing Cuba with much of the needed oil, at very below market prices.

Chavez Nationalized many Banks, all Media Outlets, Food Producers, etc. In the past, I had trouble telephoning Clients in Caracas, once he took-over the Telephone Company. But, perhaps the worst was the Nationalization of the National Oil Company. Revenues dropped and many Oil Employees left the Country. Every industry that he Nationalized stumbled and the Economy Deflated.

In June of 2011, Chavez had his first of four operations for an undisclosed form of cancer, as well as various forms of therapy afterward–all in Cuba. The Presidential Election, last year, was moved-up to October rather than December, and some believe that was due to his Health. He seemed bloated and not very healthy during his campaign appearances.

He ran against a young, State Governor, who he defeated due to providing free food, housing, health care, etc., to the Poor. So, they showed-up en-mass to support him. Remember that the Administration had complete control over the Media. So, many believe that this was a stolen election.

On December 11, El Commandante flew to Havana for his fourth operation, and “appointed” the non-elected Nicolas Maduro as his Vice President. Since then, he had never communicate with the Venezuelan People. Also, since he did not appear, in Caracas, to be sworn-in, according to the Country’s Constitution, a new election was required within 30 days.  The Administration posed excuses.

Going forward, the question is: Who will run Venezuelan? Remember that it is still a major Oil Producer. Rumors suggest that Cuba has been making the decisions in the past. Will one of the nearby Socialists States want to enter the picture? Might there be a Civil War in Venezuela? Time will tell.


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