Present Barack Obama recently signed an Executive Order to enable Women to serve in Combat Units–in all Services. Hopefully, anyone who has read my prior posts about the War on Women realizes that I am not chauvinistic. Also, I do not, in any way, question the bravery and commitment of Women in the Military Service. But, my reservation is based on Strength and Biology.

Is a Woman who weighs, let’s say, 110 to 120 pounds going to be any match for a man weighing 170 to 180 pounds, or a good bit more? The Man’s upper-body strength would be hard for a Woman to match, aside from weight. Also, might the Men in the unit be distracted by a belief that they need to protect the Women?

Prince Harry, of the U.K. has served several tours in the Middle East. Might his fellow troops have felt similarly that they don’t want to be the Comrades-in-Arms who allowed the Prince to be killed or captured.  In fact, on his recent tour, the Enemy claimed to be targeting the Prince’s Unit.

Then, what about a Woman G.I. being captured? Men would not normally be subjected to Rape, or other sexual atrocities; but, keep in mind that the troops, on both sides, have often been out in the “Boonies” (Field) for months at a time. Is that something that we want?

I realize that Woman have been serving on Ships and Aircraft Crews for some time. In fact, during the First Gulf War, there was an All-Woman Crew on a helicopter in Iraq that went down, and all were killed. But the hand-to-hand fighting and the chance for capture is more prominent in Infantry Units–both Army and Marines, and Special Ops.

Lastly, there have been a considerable number of Rapes by members of their own Military Units, and to include all the Service Academies. The Pentagon is supposedly taking action to reduce this. But, given that we have a problem in our own units, do we really want to extend this to enemy forces, as well?


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