In Next Scene: A Dark Cloud Lifts

Some time ago, I had read about a student at Notre Dame who was killed during a wind storm, filming a Football Practice. And, then, I lost track of it. But, the linked article, which is truly well-written, updates that story–and updates us on the Behind-the-Scenes take on it.

Perhaps, the key element–along with Declan Sullivan’s Love of Life (to the fullest)–is the reaction of the Sullivan Family to the loss of their eldest child. They seem to be even more committed to Notre Dame University now, in spite of their Loss. Their Daughter still attends and their youngest son, a High School Senior, has applied for Acceptance. Something tells me that he will be Admitted to the Class of 2017.

While the University was bracing itself for a Legal Suit, the Family never even considered it. In fact, they will be in Miami, on January 7, when the “Irish” will play the “Crimson Tide” of Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game, at what is affectionately called Joe Robbie Stadium, by most Locals.


NOTE: Lease, please, PLEASE, don’t miss reading the article, from the NY Times, that was linked in paragraph one. It is, perhaps, one of the best descriptions of a horrendous event that I have ever read and, yet, it suggests a silver lining…as the clouds break:

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